IT LEADER is a company specializing in providing IT services since 2011
Our philosophy

We strive to be the only one IT competence for our Clients and provide the opportunity to use our professional knowledge and EXPERIENCE.

Due to responsible attitude to work, high qualification of our specialists and the trust of our clients, we are actively developing and every two years we double our turnover and the number of satisfied customers.

Our team

Our team consists of specialists from a wide range of professionals (those who solve the problems of users “every day and minute”), as well as from highly specialized specialists in different directions.

Our specialists are determined to solve your IT tasks in the shortest possible time and solve them in the most effective way.

Why companies choose us

We configure and support the work of network and server equipment, storage systems, solve IT security and data protection issues, implement cloud services and much more.

In our work we use the service model of providing IT services in accordance with the best practices of ITIL and adherence to generally accepted IT standards.

Our specialists have the knowledge and working experience with products of such world leaders in IT as:

We are trusted and remain our regular customers of various industries and sizes:

  • Group of companies of the leading financial-industrial group of Ukraine
  • Insurance companies
  • Several factories of ventilation equipment
  • Engineering companies
  • Publishing house
  • Exhibition Center
  • Several law firms
  • Several recruiting agencies
  • Tour operator and travel agencies
  • Retail chain for the sale of luxury brands
  • other companies

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