IT Leader – is an IT outsourcing company focused on information technology,

infrastructure management and technology innovation.

Systems and networks administration

Our specialists will support your existing systems and networks, eliminate disadvantages, find solutions to meet needs of any growing business. Our certified staff has extensive experience with many industrial servers, storage systems, network equipment, protocols, and more.

IT support service

Our centralized support service works in 12×7 mode to meet needs of our customers. Our support specialists are certified by ITIL. We guarantee a quick response time and effective troubleshooting. Our customers get access to our service desk and can always track the speed of problem solving.

Information Security

Our IT Security team will analyze and identify potential risks in IT infrastructure, will help implement a road safety map that covers all aspects of protecting your IT infrastructure and business applications.

Cloud Service Management

Our specialists have practical experience with different widespread cloud solutions. Depending on your needs, we can offer Microsoft, Amazon, Google platforms and solutions in our own cloud environments.

Responsibility, honesty and professionalism

are our values we pride.


Our clients understand the importance of IT technologies in the modern world,
want to receive the fullest and the most qualified technical support in IT field.
Our idea is to give customers the opportunity to forget about IT troubles and concentrate on their own business.

The level of satisfaction of our clients
Average response time to our support team
Infrastructure and services monitoring

To remain competitive, many companies need IT services and solutions to support their goals and overall direction of development. They have to do it cost-effectively and often with not enough internal IT experience.

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